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12 Dec

 Setubal Zippy 1

NetScreen install panels at Zippy and renews concept stores


The NetScreen implemented digital boards in Zippy Stores renewing the store concept and surpassing the highest expectations of our client. Ana Raquel Oliveira, Marketing Director of Zippy gave an interview to the Distribuição Hoje explaining the bet in the presence of technology in store.


Interview: Zippy bet on "strong presence of technology in store"

Zippy will reopen tomorrow (May 1) a renewed and modernized store NorteShopping, the country's largest, with 690 square meters. TODAY DISTRIBUTION spoke to Ana Raquel Oliveira, Marketing Director of Zippy, who explained us what it is the new concept of the emblem, which has a "gradual roll-out" planned for 2015.


What is the new concept of the Zippy store?

The new concept of Zippy store is an innovative space with a modern design that gives new answers to the growing needs of parents and appeals to the imagination of children. It was first implemented in November last year at the opening of Zippy store in Alegro Mall of Setúbal and exceeded our best expectations, managing to capture immediately the attention of many families. Last March we reopened our store in Aveiro Forum and meeting with the layout plan, has now reached one of the most important moments of the year for our brand, with the reopening of NorteShopping the store, the size and location, is emblematic for Zippy. It is the largest store in the country Zippy, with 690m2 and 17 employees, able to reach a large number of families in the north.

This new concept Zippy was developed during more than six months by the international agency Dalziel & Pow, who has over 30 years of experience in design and retail brands, with deployment globally and with a mission to improve the customer experience. It is a new-generation concept, which aims to enrich our customers' shopping experience, making it richer and more fun . In addition to a profoundly new layout and a new organization of spaces, I would highlight the strong presence and implementation of new technologies in stores , the introduction of digital and interactive screens also designed for children. Another of capital gains in our new store concept is the introduction of new services to help all parents, where I highlight the possibility of scheduling custom childcare counseling sessions, the rental feeding pumps, or the availability of carts free in case of failure, among other services.


What kind of innovations will the new store NorteShopping?

The presence of new technologies is one of the innovations that more is evident immediately. Digital and interactive screens were introduced, namely a digital playground where children can play and play with other children and with their parents. The new space also includes several interactive points designed for children, where they will be able to have fun while shopping, especially with secret tunnels, with a point to fill your own balloon and a ticket to color and play at the moment that parents are to pay for purchases.


How much invested in this particular remodeling and how they plan to invest a total of the new concept?

We have a habit of revealing the value of investments, but I can tell you that this is an important investment that will surely benefit our customers by improving the shopping experience in our stores and presenting innovative solutions.


What is the main objective of the implementation of this new concept?

In Zippy is the growth idea that inspires us and our mission is to help parents in this important challenge is the growth of their children, making it more satisfying and rewarding. Our target audience are younger and their families and over a decade, Zippy has become increasingly expert in children. We have always been able to evolve the quality and design of our products, offering products unbeatable in terms of price / quality, never sacrificing the quality of our parts.

For the new store concept, we felt that 2015 would be the ideal timing for a gradual implementation of this concept. As the market leader, Zippy will always be committed to strengthening its presence in Portugal, being attentive to new opportunities that allow you to reach a distinctive way to more customers. Is this the main objective of the new concept, ever get over, and creatively to more families. This has been our constant obsession in quality and innovation we provide to our customers who explains that Zippy was elected "Trusted Brand" for the 3rd consecutive year in the category of children's clothing stores and childcare

What other openings are planned? And renovations?

Our goal goes through to the gradual roll-out of the new concept for the new openings and planned renovations. We are planning the interventions calendar for the rest of 2015 that in due course we will reveal.


How will communicate the new store concept and new shopping experience?

The new Zippy will be communicated with great force through various activation actions in NorteShopping own, inviting people to visit the new space. They are also planned several actions to introduce the new space and new services to customers and various means. Until May 3, and to celebrate this reopening, the Zippy NorteShopping will feature an opening promotion in which all purchases in the store have a 20% discount on card on all items.


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